Lou, everyone,

If I profile all screens (200 dots, 200 lines etc.) to distinct profiles, and I choose different screens for different objects, Fiery can't know which profile to use for each even I choose an output profile. This is where Freeflow Print Server was superior.

For example, I could have the following profiles:
  • iridesse_plain_24lbs_200dots
  • iridesse_plain_24lbs_300dots
  • iridesse_plain_24lbs_600dots
  • etc.
And on a job where I tell it to use 200 lines for graphics and 300 dots for text, given the iridesse_plain_24lbs_200dots output profile assigned to the job, Fiery wouldn't know that there's an output profile that would do the job well for each of those object oriented rip selections.

So, I guess, my point is this: when is Fiery going to allow us to select the correct profiles for the OOR selections since as of now, if you have a color managed workflow, that OOR stuff is useless since it won't use the right profile.

Is this in the works??????