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Thread: Archiving location that can be controlled from any Workstation ?

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    Default Archiving location that can be controlled from any Workstation ?

    It would be great to have the ability to archive to any location from multiple workstation that the archive could be controlled from all workstations including the server like when archiving to the internal server.

    Is this possible to configure?

    If not it should be sometime you should look into implementing in future versions.

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    Not an answer, but a clarification question -
    Are you asking to have something like the server template setup where a remote share location can be set for all users by default without having to set it up per workstation?

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    Hey Doyle,

    Check out the new Archive Manager feature in CWS 6.2, posted online today.

    It has a new entirely client controlled archiving method, so you can use shared folders for archive sharing between different computers, you can use archives across multiple Fierys, and the archives are not erased when you reload or upgrade system software.
    In the case of shared archive folders, you will need to add the archive location to each workstation, but that's a once off setup thing.

    Let me know what you think!


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