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Thread: Ricoh Pro C5200 with E44B

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    Default Paper Catalog Issues - Ricoh Pro C5200 with E44B

    So i have been trying to use the paper catalogs more so I can advise our customers better.

    I have a Pro C5200 in my showroom with a E44-B controller. I created 2 catalog entries for:
    • Blazer 12x18 stock - 130# cover weight (350 g/ms)
    • Blazer 12x18 stock - 100# cover weight (271 g/ms)

    They both fall within spec of the bypass and the LCT. In CWS the 130#C entry is created without error but I cannot assign it thru CWS. I get a FAIL TO ASSIGN error. Also on the machine that entry is greyed out. The 100#C works

    I deleted the entry and duplicated the working 100#C entry, renamed and editted the settings what the 130#C should be and the problem is still happening.

    Any suggestions?
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