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Thread: CPS 5.1 is released

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    Default CPS 5.1 is released

    New features include:

    - 64-bit support for all CPS modules (eliminates system warnings on OSX 10.13 and 10.14)
    - Updated Verify module with new look and UI
    - Common Foery Verify interface integrated with both Color Profiler Suite 5.1 and Command Workstation 6.3
    - New tolerance set editor streamlines modifying a tolerance set
    - Add customer references and patch sets
    - Updated Printer Match module creates Job Properties presets for selecting the settings to match print systems
    - Common Gamut optimization control in Printer match allows changing the volume of the common gamut to
    enhance printer matching over time as engines wear in
    - Barbieri LFP qb support added.

    You need to have current SMSA to update. Check SMSA status here <>

    (enter the serial number of the spectrophotometer you use to license CPS).

    Make sure it says your license version is 5.0.

    If it does, get 5.0 here <>

    If you need information about how to renew your SMSA email with your spectrophotometer serial number and Support will let you know how many years you need to renew and provide you the link to purchase the renewal from the EFI eStore.
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