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Thread: Output profiles dropping out from paper catalog

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    Default Output profiles dropping out from paper catalog

    Any idea what is going on here?
    This has been an issue for a long time already.

    Machines and RIPs:
    - Canon C-10000VP with B5000
    - Canon C-700 with F200

    It happens I would say about once a week that many of the output profile assignments gets lost in paper catalog. This is forcing us to be in constant alert to be tagging them back on by one when this occurs.

    It seems mostly to happen to papers with custom size (envelopes, papers that are not A4, A3, SRA3 etc) but I'we also noticed few times it happening to SRA3 papers too.

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    Hi MikkoS,

    First of all,
    Both RIPs are up tp date?
    B5000 - V1.02 + SP1
    F200 - V1.21 + SP1
    SP1 addresses some paper catalog issues.

    Kind regards,

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    B5000 seems to be up to date.
    And I can actually state that it happens more rarely on B5000 but it still happens.

    F200 is V1.1 with no SP.
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