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    We've been using Workstation 5.8 for the last two years with our Konica C1060, with ZERO Fiery problems over that time; Now yesterday when attempting to launch Fiery it says "invalid IP address"?? The copier monitor says "controller unconnected"? How do we get re-connected? And/or what is this issue even about as we've never seen this before?

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    It is not clear from your message whether your Fiery is an external (free standing) or embedded (bolted to the back of the machine) style. Also, when you say you launch the Fiery, are you launching Command Workstation from a desktop, or on the KVM connected directly to the external Fiery server?

    I either case if the controller button on the bottom of the touch screen is grayed out it is probably an issue of the Fiery server not completing the boot process, either the OS fails, or the RIP process that launches on top of the OS.

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