If you drop a pdf in CWS it honors whatever output profile you set as default for the Fiery. If you print from a mac it doesn't. You have to manually drill in and select the output profile. Every time. It's killing us. If you try to set the default in cups, no luck there either.

Second Level Support is telling me working as intended and I beg to differ.
All jobs are processed by the Fiery.
If the Fiery has a profile you told it to use as default, and you didn't select any output profile in your job ticket, it bloody well should honor the default profile you gave Fiery ... wherever the job comes from.

... right?

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None of the options in that dropdown in CUPS worked.

Can someone please help???? This is costing too much time.
Lou Prestia maybe, Mr. St-John? Anyone????

Thank you kindly!!!