Hi to everyone,
I have a question about the Api Key.
For what I have understand there are two different kind of key : evalutation an productional.
the evalutation has no limit of fiery server but after 6 mounth it expired, and the productional has no time limit but it work for 10 Efi Fiery server.

Now, me and my company ,have developed an app to monitor and collect stat about number of copy, media size etc from Job Log of our Fiery Server .
This app is meant to run on raspberry pi (it is stored on an encrypted partition) inside the network of all our customers , and once it has collect the data , send it to our DB server...

Now to speed up our production we'd like to clone SD of raspberrypi.
The only problem is the key, because the evalutation exiperd and the productional has so few servers.
So my question is:
is it possible to have an universal key for all of our efi fiery server (a kind of mix evalutation/production) ?