I've just started using this package to create RGB/Epson printer profiles.

I started making M0 profiles, and they seem to work pretty well. That said, Perceptual intent is exactly the same as Relative colormetric with black point compensation.

I then made an M1 profile, using the dual scan mode, and the prints look good, but different. At least with M1 profiles the Perceptual intent is different than the Relative Colormetric intent. So it's a choice. The thing is, with the M1 profile, "preview paper white" is greyed out in the photoshop softproof dialog box. Why?

Anyway, I've been told that this profile is quite strange and not to standard. I'll attach it here and if there is anyone here who can comment on all this, it would be much appreciated!!!!

Ooops, this forum doesn't seem to allow the uploading of profiles! Also strange...