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Thread: Reds print orange- Calibration Profile Help

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    Default Reds print orange- Calibration Profile Help


    We recently replaced out fiery and we lost all of the settings. Actually I'm not sure if this color issue started before then because I didn't work here then. I'm not sure if it is the c6000 printer or if having all our reds print orange is from choosing the wrong profile when calibrating. I tried multiple settings and calibration attempts but they all came out the same. I'm really a newbie without much printing experience. Can anyone tell me if having the profile when calibrating could even cause this? Or at least what to try to fix it. I can barely find the profiles let alone know which one to choose. We are printing RGB photographic images. I've hopefully attached an image so you can see the rest of the image has normal colors. It does happen on any filed with red. We printed on this printer in the past using the same creation methods for the files and the color was fine. Or is there are way to adjust reds through the fiery. I don't see that anywhere.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Is the entire image RGB? Or is the file a 'template' that is CMYK with the child's photo as RGB inserted?

    I ask because the header where the child's name is printed looks like red compared to the child's jersey which appears orange. Just making sure I understand if the problem is with the entire image or only the child's photograph area.

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    Also please let us know the color settings you are using:

    In the job properties for this job on the color section what RGB and CMYK input profiles are you using? What is the output profile set to? In the media section are you setting the weight and type of paper or are you using a paper catalog setting?

    Finally when you do calibrate, which calibrations set are you re-calibrating? Are you calibrating with an ES-2000 / ES-1000 of off the glass using ColorCal?


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