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Thread: Unable to connect to Fiery Server

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    Angry Unable to connect to Fiery Server

    I am having problems connecting to my Fiery server. I have the IP address from the Fiery, as well as subnet mask info. Whenever I try to add the printer through Command Workstation, it sees the server, but refuses to connect to it. I know its on because I can walk to it and see that it is running. The C800 that its connected to is also up and running, but no one can connect to the Fiery to send print jobs.

    I've been fighting this for 2 hours now, and I am at the end of my rope on coming up with solutions. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

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    When you say that you can see the Fiery running, what does the display on the unit show? It may be that the OS has started on the Fiery but the RIP process has not. In this case the Fiery may appear to be running, but its only the underlying OS, not the Fiery software. Some times a power cycle of both the Fiery and the engine will resolve this, but in many cases the Fiery itself must be reloaded.

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    I also am getting an unable to connect error on the Fiery Central. I can ping external address and localhost from central server.
    there were 2 microsoft security updates that ran last night, I uninstalled the updates and restarted Central Server. I still have the same problem. I will reload the Fiery OS. what should the size of the windows (C drive be, mine is showing almost full at 50Gb?

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