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Thread: Need Help Understanding Type Quality & Color Optimization

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    Default Need Help Understanding Type Quality & Color Optimization

    Hello everyone. My first time posting and honestly Iím not sure where to look for these answers. Weíre using Fiery XF 6.3 to send to our Jetrion 4900. Iím having issues with gradients dropping out at unexpected areas and some banding in gradients. Iíve been trying to get some info from Xeikon so I can better understand options under Type Quality and Color Optimization. Itís a lot of info to ask for but if anyone could give me brief guidelines for when to use the following settings that would be awesome. Or a link to the info would be great (I googled and looked on the company website but couldnít find anything). The manual really doesnít cover this.


    What do these mean?:

    Type Quality:

    Color Optimization:
    Clean Colors
    Black as inkjet black
    Clean Colors and black as inkjet black
    Clean Colors + black text and images as inkjet black

    Thanks everyone.

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    I'm sorry to tell you that you won't get any help for Fiery XF here. This forum is for Fiery DFEs (Fiery print controllers). Visit http://proofingforums.efi.com for Fiery XF questions ... although it's way less populated than this board :-(
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