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    Is there any way to print in the margins of a sheet? I know that if you are in Impose/Compose you can select Printer Marks, and select Define, you are able print "Job Name", "Sheet Info", and "Date & Time" under the Job Label Tab. I want to be able to print different information or job notes. An option to print the measurements, specifically gutter dimensions, final trim size, etc (the same measurements you can see by hitting the measurements icon in the sheet view of Impose/Compose). Or if I save a Template, I would like the template name to be printed in the margins.

    This would help tremendously when passing a printed job from pre-press, to print, to our finishing team that will eventually cut the job. Is there any options currently that will support this? Or is there a way to print the information that displays when the "Show measurement of page elements".

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    Hello JCBPIL,

    As you have indicated, Impose can apply a Job Label to each sheet which can consist of one or more of the following: Job Name, Sheet Info (Sheet 1 of N ), and Date & Time. It is not possible to include in the sheet label the other information which you have requested. Additionally, there is no mechanism to export the data displayed from the "Show measurement of page elements" function.

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