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Thread: Navigator Counts don't match what I am being billed?

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    Default Navigator Counts don't match what I am being billed?

    I am in dispute under my lease contract, they are billing an extremely high impression count, versus the information I am getting through Navigator. Can Navigator be wrong?

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    If this thread is correct:

    ...then Navigator doesn't necessarily corollate with the machine click counter. I have found the job log and machine vary when a job is deleted or has an error or jams. It doesn't always end up tallying up. But it still shouldn't be an enormous difference.

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    Fiery Navigator can only capture work that was done through Fiery. In general, any work that is done only at the copier side will not be captured by the Fiery or Fiery Navigator.
    For example, Scanning from any engine level application that doesn't go through Fiery.
    Navigator will track your Fiery usage and status of your engine, but it can't do a full accounting of all the events that happen on the engine.

    Navigator Support

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