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    G'day There,

    I see this is no new subject, but I couldn't find an answer in the forum so I'm going to put out the question .... The last few weeks has seen our device go offline in Fiery Navigator. Any idea why this happens and how to get it tracking again?
    As far as I know there aren't any network errors, but I'm all ears....

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    This can happen when the client machine (PC where Navigator was installed) that is tracking the Fiery servers is tuned off or is no longer on the same network as the Fiery servers. Can you verify if either of these two scenarios could be happening? If the problem persists, we should look at the logs at C:\Program Files (x86)\EFI\Fiery Navigator ClientData.
    Fiery Navigator Support

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    Wow, that makes me feel dumb!!
    That was all it was, We changed over our workstation about the same time the tracking stopped and it seems Fiery Navigator wasn't re-installed! Thanks Guys!

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