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Mark, thanks for your explanation. Although I perfectly understand what you're talking about in terms of saddle booklets. But for Step&Repeat jobs, especially with auomated (VDP? JobFlow?) jobs, it might be better to not remove this overlapping area.

Using gutter could get you into problems because you either loose time due to more cutting runs or it might even don't work at all because your slitting cutter only supports a limited amount of cuts.

My humble opinion would be to think about this and consider making a selectable option of it.
Hi oxident, appreciate you sharing your perspective. I do agree that the desired behavior for booklets is different than for gangup workflows. I tend to not like having an enable/disable control for things if it can be avoided. The ideal solution would be for the software to intelligently select the appropriate method based on the layout. We will discuss this internally and add this to our back load of feature requests for Fiery Impose.

Thanks again for helping with the translation for toto-jung!