I am trying to edit the Output Profile on a Canon C5500 series with an imagePASS-P1. When I edit the plain profile and try to save it, Command Workstation disconnects, doesnít save the profile properly and puts the color editor/CWS in an endless loop. No way to close the edit dialog or cancel the process. You have to force quit CWS.

I have duplicated the issue on (3) different C5500ís with P-1ís. Tested it on our showroom model and two others at a customer site. I have tried (3) different PCís and several versions of CWS; v5.7.x, v5.8x and the latest v6.1.x from EFI this morning. All exhibit the same behavior, I am unable to properly save an edited output profile.

in addition to normal LAN connection, I have tried using a crossover cable straight into the imagePASS-P1

I am able to successfully edit output profiles on other imagePASS and colorPASS controllers, I am only seeing this issue one the imagePASS-P1.

I donít see any patches on Canonís e-Support site to address the issue. I called Canon and opened a ticket with them. They said that they would look into the issue.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.