We at COTG Xerox received a FIERY EX C60/C70 who's hard drive was pulled (the unit was a Xerox NCO end of lease purchase) and I loaded the version 1.0 software and the second it should come to IDLE the unit shuts down. So then I thought, it take the software every boot so, this must be legitimate and non-tampered with, right? Because typically the software load will fail if the Fiery motherboard is from a different Fiery that has been cannibalized in a makeshift repair attempt. So I thought it must have been upgraded at some point to v2.0 or v2.1. So I try v2.1 and the unit comes to IDLE but with the error message:

Fiery:FATAL: Assertion Failed!
Output log file
Output log lone 226
Message Unrecoverable internal error -- refer the file "Text_Eng.log" to EFI technical staff
Process: 6764; Thread: 6900

Then if I hit "Ignore" versus Abort or Retry, the Server will come to Idle then to an odd message up top on the Fiery Ticker Bar "Check Fiery Hardware" is in the bar while not attached to the C60 it will be going on. I cannot test it because the C60 is in Texas at the customer location and we are in Chicago. I don't want to ship this unit until i am sure it is working. This is for the Xerox Global Network - we handle all the Fiery Controller repairs in Chicago and this is for a Xerox Global dealer in Texas who will be handling the install. Can anyone shed some light on this? The crazy thing is that they have another EX C60/C70 unit down in Texas doing the EXACT same darn thing. Note that I am NOT a novice... I've been repairing Fiery controllers and managing custom installs of Fiery networked controllers for the past 18 years. Xerox Global is an authorized Fiery distribution channel and we are doing nothing but growing in that department. I've handled over a dozen IGEN installations already personally throughout the US for Global, so please let's steer clear of the "all you guys at Global do is handle Workcentre installs at best" cracks... because those days are in the past... we handle much more sizable installs now as a unified franchise, and we compete directly with the Xerox Business Solutions now. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I can't ship this unit to our Texas branch until I can be confident that the unit is working okay. Thanks guys - everyone here is greatly helpful. So glad EFI created this grass roots message board for its customers and dealers to get Fiery product answers. without all the red tape of channeling though "3rd tier support".