Hi all,

I've been working with JobFlow for a couple of weeks now at my new shop, and I like a lot of the functionality and internal logic that it uses, but there are a few things the owners would like to see, and I'm not sure how to do it without understanding the scripting features much better. I did find the "Scripting Cookbook" but it didn't have the information I needed to do what I was attempting.

Instead of the "Approval" process, they would like for the JobFlow generated email to include the report and the file as attachments (with the name of the original .pdf and a unique identifier on each). I understand there is a way to do this with scripting, but I have no idea how to reference the internal SMTP part of JobFlow within the script. Any help on this would be great!

As another possibility, is there a way to get the file names in the Approval workflow to reflect the names of the associated files, and not the ugly temporary name assigned.

Thanks for any help!