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Thread: ic-406 problem :(

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    Default ic-406 problem :(

    hello, i can print just 1 file, if i try to print more than 2 files, command workstation freezee and its needed restart the machine to print 1 more file, how can i check if fiery is experiencing a failure?

    fiery is installed in a konica c352 printer, i have replaced memory modules but same results...

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    Oh we need so much more information.

    Where is Command Workstation running? On a client computer? Which operating System is it running - e.g. Windows 7 64 bit?

    What are the steps to reproduce the problem?

    Does the same issue occur if sending files to print from another Command Workstation client connected to the same Fiery server?
    Which version of Command Workstation? Which Fiery System version? Patches loaded?

    What sort of files are you printing and how? What does the Fiery job log show?
    When did the problem start occuring?

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