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Thread: CWS language confusion

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    Default CWS language confusion

    My CWS is confused.

    I have set language to English in settings/Region, and the overall text in main window is English. Problem is that basically all text is Dutch when i e.g. proceed clicking a print job to check Job Properties, or other dialogs I might encounter further on from the main menus.

    I use CWS on a MacOS 10.13.3, and have a Xerox C60 connected to the Fiery.

    The problem has been present since earlier versions of bort CWS and MacOS.

    I have tried to uninstall and reinstall CWS.
    I have tried changing language to several others, but Dutch sticks to the underlying menus no matter which language I chose.

    Any tips for an all English experience?

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    Yeah that totally shouldn't happen.

    If you choose English in CWS Preferences then the whole of CWS should be in English.

    Can you try quitting CWS, then deleting this file?

    Then launch CWS and see if it's fixed.


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