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Thread: MIC-4150 on new KM 1250 workflow.

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    Post MIC-4150 on new KM 1250 workflow.

    I am trying to recreate a workflow that was using a 1200 PCL driver to create .prn files that would run on 4 different 1200's at my account. What I am replacing them with is 1250's with MIC-4150's. We had to create a PS printer that would print to file since the Fiery's did not understand the PCL language.

    We are creating files that have tray pulls set by using the paper catalog with a PS printer set to save to file from one of our 4150's. Everything works great as long as we send to the Fiery that was used to create the PS driver but if we send it another 4150 I get an error stating "Invalid Paper Catalog item! Set to none defined?"

    This is a huge hiccup that we really need to get worked out as they create hundreds of files through one PS (previously PCL) driver but need to distribute to multiple machines. We verified that the paper catalog settings are identical between the two units as well.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    I don't work with that particular product but from the 2 units I checked I can see the product does support PCL.

    To be 100% sure, you can check via these two methods:
    Print a server configuration page and look for 'PCL Setup' on the 2nd page.
    or open the configure tool, and check under the RIP section for 'PCL Setup'.

    To open Configure just enter your Fiery servers IP address into a browser, and ciick on Configure in the left hand Fiery bar (requires the admin password for the Fiery).

    If yes, PCL is there, then you can try using the same PCL driver and setup you had before - if you're using standard PCL5e or PCL6 commands then these will be supported.

    Let us know how it goes.

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