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Thread: MIC-4150/Bizhub 1250 Paper Catalog

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    Default MIC-4150/Bizhub 1250 Paper Catalog

    I have a new MIC-4150 (SP2) controller for a BH1250 running CWS 6. I cannot see any paper catalog entries from the press. In CWS/substrates the list is empty except for what I have assigned to drawers. I cannot see the other 30ish paper catalog entries. I don't remember having this problem shortly after release of the MIC-4150. Does anyone have any info on why I can't see the paper catalog. I also have no ability to add a new substrate or import a paper catalog from another machine.

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    This is expected behavior for the relationship between the KM 1250 and the Fiery MIC 4150.

    The MIC-4150’s interface with engine is of a different design than what is used for other KM Fiery's. Because of this, Paper Catalog functionality is different as well. The other KM Fiery's have Paper Catalog 2-way real time linking. A catalog entry made on engine will almost immediately populate to CWS5/Paper Catalog, and vice-versa; entry made in CWS5/Paper Catalog will almost immediately populate to engine. But with the MIC-4150, paper catalog entries need to be created on engine, then, they need to be associated to a tray at the engine as well. Once the tray association is done there, if you go to CWS5/Paper Catalog, under “Show: all media”, you will then see desired paper catalog entries and tray associations. Because of this behavior, all media management is handled by the KM1250 and not the Fiery.

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