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Thread: G7 Fail to create Calibration set

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    Default G7 Fail to create Calibration set

    Not sure what to do with this one.
    I have been testing out the CPS while waiting for the wheels of Corporate process to purchase a license. Last Friday I needed to profile one of my Konica MInolta C1100s due to extensive PM service. When I went through the CPS to calibrate and then G7 calibration I received the message : The creation of the calibration set failed. I am including some images from the desktop.

    I suspected the Fiery needed software reload (for other reasons than this) so once that was completed I still ran into this same failure although all my other Fiery issues were solved.
    I have completed the Density Balance and the Max Density to linearize the machine prior to this. My Fiery is a CS IC-310H PS Color Server with Version 2.1_SP1 running FS150 Pro.
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