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Thread: Paper catalogue not associating with correct output profile

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    Default Paper catalogue not associating with correct output profile

    Hi, I created a paper catalogue for the majority of papers that we use. Currently we are using two types of output profile - either COATED or UNCOATED. In paper catalogue, I defined which types of paper should use which type of output profiles. However, when I import a job, assign it paper from paper catalogue (for example "200gr_EXPRESSION_GLOSS_COATED SRA3 White" and then I go to Color settings of the job, I would expect COATED output profile and calibration to be assigned to it? However, there is still the default value (which is UNCOATED).

    See the 3 attached pics.

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    You have to choose "Use media defined profile". Set your Properties default to that and then when you make a selection from the paper catalog you should get that profile.

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    Hmmm, actually you are maybe right. I even have the default setting set to "Use job defined settings".

    But I think EFI/Fiery/CWS has a bug in there, because if I do it like this:

    1) import job to CWS
    2) go to properties and choose media from the paper catalogue
    3) go to color settings - just to confirm it picks up the correct profile/calibration... well, can't say about profile because there it still only shows "Use job defined settings", but at calibration I see it is picking up the wrong one (should be picking calibration for coated paper, but still picks uncoated). BUT!!! if I close the job properties window and open it again, the correct calibration is applied.

    Now I wonder... do I have to close/reopen it every time for correct output profile/calibration to be assigned? Or can I trust it and not bother with re-opening even though it says wrong profile/calibration has been assigned?

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    They haven't fix that. I brought that to their attention back during the beta program.

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    I guess CWS only updates the actual profile when opening the properties window but I'm 100% sure the rip engine will use the correct one in either way. So you don't need to bother.
    But take care when using Impose (not flattened). Then you might get into trouble on some Fierys.
    IC-306 v3.01 FS100 Pro / KM C6000, IC-308 v2.1 FS150 Pro / KM C71hc / SD-513, IC-414 / KM C754
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    Default Logic inside the Fiery to decide which output profiles are used

    Let me try to help by describing the logic used inside the Fiery to decide which output profiles are used by a job. CWS and JP are asking the Fiery server which profile to display. So, a possible bug would likely be in the Fiery server (patch needed). If your system is not working as described below, let us know which of the 3 tests below is failing and we will look for a bug fix specific to your system. We will need:
    • The Command WorkStation version
    [For CWS6: under Help > About Fiery Command WorkStation > Fiery Command WorkStation]
    • The exact Fiery model
    [For CWS6: right click the connected server > Device Center > General > Server Configuration > (Fiery Server > Product/Version/Software)]
    • If Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition (FGAPPE) is installed.
    This package includes tools making it easier to isolate issues.

    Which output profile(s) will be used in a job?
    How the Fiery decides which output profile(s) will be used in a job requires many tests, in part because of three major implementations of Paper Catalog, which vary per OEM and product.
    • Paper Catalog usage is mandatory
    • Paper Catalog usage is optional
    • Paper Catalog is not an option
    Be aware that multiple output profiles can be used within a mixed media job, but only one output profile can be used within a page.

    First test: is Job Properties (JP) set to automatic output profile selection?
    • If a specific Output Profile is specified, this profile will be used. Make such a direct selection when you are not satisfied by the Fiery’s automatic selection or when want to experiment with other profiles.
    • For automatic profile selection, JP > Color > Output Profile must be set to “Media Driven Profile” or “Use job defined settings”. These are two names for same thing. The option is displayed as “Use job defined settings” when more properties than only the media might be considered. For example, Halftone and Color Mode (CMYK+) might be used in addition to the media itself.

    Second test: is Paper Catalog used?
    • This test is skipped when Paper Catalog is not an option, or is not used by a job (“none defined” is specified in JP > Media > Paper Catalog).
    • When a media in paper catalog is specified in JP, inspect the paper catalog output profile association.
    [To see Front and back color profiles associations from CWS6: right click the connected server > Paper Catalog > Select your media > Edit…].
    • If a specific Output Profile is directly associated with the paper/media/substrate, this profile will be used.
    • If the output profile association is set to “Server’s default”, the next test will be used.

    Third test: which output profile is currently set most closely to your job’s settings?
    • Inspect the association between output profiles and job’s settings.
    [For CWS6: right click the connected server > Device Center > Resources > Profiles > Output Profiles]
    • Print options offered in this dialog vary widely per Fiery system. Most frequently listed is a “Media Type” column. Options in the media type column typically do not match one-for-one the frequently large number of equivalent JP settings. For instance, JP can offer multiple Coated options, while there might be only one output profile setting associated with Coated. In this case, the output profile associated with will be used for all coated stocks.
    • To change which output profile will be used by default with a media type, double-click the output profile of your choice, then check the media type this profile is compatible with. A single output profile can be specified for as many as all of the available media settings.

    You may also want to consult the Fiery Forums thread Use Job Defined Settings (CWS 6.1)
    in which I will attempt to answer these two related questions:
    In CWS 6, can we disable the output profile option “Use job defined settings”?
    How can I set a fixed output profile of my choice to always be used by default?

    Let us know!

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