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Thread: Windows admin password needs to be changed every 60 days?

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    Default Windows admin password needs to be changed every 60 days?

    We are being tasked to change the Fiery Windows login password every 60 days. We have 7 Fiery's. Anyone else doing this for security audits? Looking for best practice or gotchas?

    Any issue with changing the default login password from the default Fiery.1? I'm speaking of the windows login, not Command Workstation.


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    There is no problem changing the Windows password on the Fierys windows installation to be different from the Fiery's password (used with Command Workstation, etc).

    I can see multiple ways of enforcing password changes as mentioned in this article, but I have not personally tried them out.

    Just be aware, if you lose your Windows or Fiery admin password there is no way of getting it back, it will need a system reload.

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