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Thread: IC-305 on c6501 no paper trays - unable to retrieve this information

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    Angry IC-305-c6501-MacOS no paper catalog and papertrays - unable to retrieve this info

    Hello from Greece,
    I am facing a weird issue with a Fiery Pro80 (IC-305 v3.0a, System 9) attached on a KM-c6501.
    For some reason CWS on MacOS (OS 10.12, cws 5.8) canít retrieve paper catalogue or tray information from this printer.
    Win10, Win7, even the Win XPe on the Pro80 can perfectly fetch this info and set paper from catalog but on mac itís simply impossible.
    3 Mac in total (2 MacPro, 1 xServe) can perfectly see all info, trays, etc on a E-10 (IC-412v1.1) attached on a KM-360, that is also present on the site.
    I even tried downgrading the System software to 3.0 and 2.1 but still the same deal.
    Have cleaned installed 3 OS (10.10, 10.11, 10.12) in a 3 year period on the Macs, with the problem insisting, so I can exclude faulty/bad install.
    Have searched the forum, but couldn't find someone with this problem on this configuration.
    Edit: It appears that the problem affects all MacOS computers on site
    Anything I miss?

    I attach some screenshots:
    Name:  unable to retrieve this information v2.1.jpeg
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Size:  148.2 KB
    Mac CWS. Server Pro80v2.1

    Name:  unable to retrieve this information v3.0a.jpeg
Views: 395
Size:  132.8 KB
    Mac CWS. Server Pro80v3.0a

    Name:  win10 cws.jpg
Views: 399
Size:  198.1 KB
    Win 10 CWS. Server Pro80v3.0a
    Last edited by antonisp; 01-08-2018 at 06:48 AM. Reason: It appers to affect all MacOS computers on Site

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