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Thread: Profile Color Editor curves not visible

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    Default Profile Color Editor curves not visible

    I could swear this has been brought up before, possibly for a previous version of CWS, but I could not find it in a search.

    In CWS 6.1, Device Center, Profiles, Color Editor, the color curves do not appear in the graph. This is true when I open this window in CWS at the IC-313 (v1.0) and also on a client PC running Windows 10.

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    Last March, KM approved patch FIT101650453, which fixes this issue. You can obtain that patch from KM or that Fiery's WebUpdate utility.

    By the way, v1.0 is not officially supported any longer. I'd recommend upgrading to v1.1 (also Win8), or to v1.2 (Win10)
    Both those versions are supported, and will continue to be for long term.

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