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Thread: JDF to RIP?

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    Question JDF to RIP?

    My company has been considering implementing a JDF workflow to our photography studio. We're working with a Canon B5000 RIP and want to be able to print variable quantities of our products using JDF.

    Thus far we have found success in placing JDF documents in our Fiery Hot Folders and running them through Hot Folders, however, we want to try a new system by sending JDFs directly to RIP and foregoing the Hot Folders altogether. We have XML and Ruby coding experience and are simply looking as to what our next steps are in getting this working. It appears there is very little documentation on this matter. What are our next steps in sending the JDF documents + the images we want to print directly to print?

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    Hi there,

    you need a JDF submitter/upstream software, to send your jobs to Fiery's JMF URL. Our Fiery Hot Folders is one of them. You can also use CIP4's Alces software to send jobs.
    Though JDF is a good way to implement print automation, I would strongly recommend you to check out our Fiery API at since you have experience with XML and Ruby coding if you haven't invested in other JDF workflows yet. I am pretty sure you should be able to send jobs in no time.

    Thank you,

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