We aren't 100% certain whether this is a Fiery issue or a Ricoh printer issue. Recently we were printing multiple copies of a document that was 2 pages in length, a simple front and back job, on a Ricoh Pro C7110s, using Fiery Command Workstation version After 200 copies or so, the printer essentially stops mid-print and continues to "think", while the Process Data light flashes. It does not throw an error or and error code, and when you open the cover on the printer, there is no recognition from the printer that the door is open. The Fiery Command workstation also refuses to cancel the job and is basically stuck until the entire unit is shut down and restarted. The printer itself must also be shut down, cleared of the paper that is left "jammed" in the unit, and restarted.

Our first inclination was to believe the memory of the Fiery CPU or the hard drive was full, so both were cleared, but the problem still remained. Our technician has also:
a) Reinstalled Fiery from scratch after formatting the unit's hard drive.
b) Installed a new hard drive on the Ricoh Printer.
c) Installed a new memory drive on the Ricoh Printer.
d) Installed a new Print Controller on the Ricoh Printer.
e) Installed a patch for Fiery (which another technician told him would solve the problem)

Clearing the hard drive for the printer seemed to have an effect on how many prints successfully printed before the machine stalls again. On two random occasions, one directly after clearing the hard drive and the other after installing the new memory drive, the printer printed a 1500 page job without stopping. But upon printing a second job in each scenario, the printer began to fail again.

This problem seemed to start after the Fiery unit was updated with the latest software package and new firmware was installed on the printer, but the problem has not abated since the Fiery software was reverted, and seems to be growing as the number of pages we are able to print before it occurs becomes smaller and smaller.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and has anyone else had this on any other kinds of printers that use the Fiery unit besides Ricoh printers? Thanks!