Recently I've set up a new workflow as we had to create a new yellow ink for the process colours, all other colours for the process remained the same. This was read in the usual way through the same spectrometer on a iT8 928 patch and had been optimised. When I print this from illustrator through the print dialogue all the colours stay as they're supposed to but if I save it into the workflows corresponding hot folder all the colours become darker and the black turns to brown.

This workflow has a L A B optimisation saved onto it, if i turn this off the colours are washed out. I need to be able to print through the hot folder as there is a fifth colour as a spot.

See Below the left print is direct from illustrator but I'm not getting the spot colour as its printed through the dialogue. The right print is through the hot folder, I'm getting the spot colour (Red) but the rest of the process colours are all wrong. The black is the worst as it turns brown.

Any help would be much appreciated!