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Thread: Command WorkStation 6.1 Availability

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    Default Command WorkStation 6.1 Availability

    We are pleased to announce the new Command WorkStation Package v6.1 is now available for download.

    Based on feedback on the 6.0 version from customers, we added the following enhancement to Command WorkStation 6.1:
    • Customizable toolbar
    • Search for Fiery by subnet
    • Edit CMYK input profiles
    • Job summary pane preflight and calibrator notifications
    • Ability to set default archive locations
    • Double click server name to open Device Center
    • Streamlined Import dialog
    • Automatically remove a job's raster data when necessary
    • Access to free trials of Fiery and Command WorkStation options
    • Double click on Job Preview thumbnail to open preview of job

    Impose, Compose, and JobMaster bring these improvements:
    • Quick zoom from the page thumbnails
    • Layout offset definition
    • Custom sheet margins
    • Compose to JobMaster upgrade option

    For additional details about what is new in this release, and the supported platforms, see

    Please note that while the website pages and on-line help are in English only until we finishing rolling this out worldwide over the next month, the software application is available in all languages. Your Fiery Software Manager utility, installed with previous versions of Command WorkStation, will notify you when it is available in your region. The Command WorkStation 6.1 software can also be downloaded directly from the Download Center.

    Supported Fiery servers
    Please note Command WorkStation 6 only supports connectivity to System 10 and later Fiery servers, and does not support connectivity to Fiery servers running System 9 Release 2 or earlier versions or Fiery Central servers. We have a full list of supported print servers available at

    More questions?
    Help for Command WorkStation 6 is available from the Command Workstation help menu, and from Visit Learning@EFI to access free on-demand learning resources to get clear explanations of what is new.
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