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Thread: Fiery Central 2.8 Windows Client 8.1 Pro Driver Install Problem

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    Default Fiery Central 2.8 Windows Client 8.1 Pro Driver Install Problem

    Name:  printer install error2.jpg
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Size:  240.6 KBI'm having difficulty installing drivers on any system running Windows 8.1 Pro with the error "Windows Cannot Connect to the Printer". (pic attached)

    Has anyone else had and resolved this problem?
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    We have this exact problem....can’t install the drivers to print to a held Queue.

    I have seen several similar problems but I am yet to find a fix to this one.
    We have Command Workstation on a Fiery Central (windows 7) I have my PC running windows 10.
    We can’t download the Held Queue virtual printer. It just won’t install on any windows 10 PC’s
    We get a 0x00000057 error code. If anyone knows how to fix this please I will be eternally grateful.

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    This is due to the added security Microsoft implemented in Windows 8 and Windows 10. Currently the Fiery Central drivers are not Digitally signed and Microsoft has added extra levels of security for when drivers are installed. This requires that you disable device driver signing when you attempt to install the Fiery Central drivers on Windows 8 & 10 systems.

    Given this limitation, you cannot browse to the Fiery Central system and either double-click or right-click “connect” to install the driver/printer. To install drivers on a Windows 8 or Windows 10 system, you will first need to download the Windows driver package from the Fiery Central Web Tools. Then to install the drivers, you must Disable Driver Signing on the Windows PC. Once this has been performed, follow the instructions in the Fiery Central Admin guide to install the printers.

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