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    I was hoping that someone may be able to help me with an imposition problem that I have encountered.
    We currently have a Canon image press C7000VP and am running Fiery Workstation 5.3.
    I have a job that comes in twice a month and consists of around 350 individual books. They are the same size but vary from having between 66 - 80 pages. At the moment I am printing them on their own on a SRA4 sheet. They are then trimmed and perfect bound. What I would really like to do is impose them 2up
    ( 2 different books as we only need one copy of each) with a 6mm gutter on a sra3 sheet. I have been told it cannot be done and been imposing them myself by replacing links in indesign which is very time consuming.
    Thanks for reading and I really hope someone may have a suggestion.

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    I don't know about printing 2 different books in an imposition but I would do a single book booklet imposition (which you can control the size of the gutter on) then cut and stack into a book to perfect bind. Should be the same amount of clicks as what you're talking about.
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    Fiery Impose only works with a single job at a time.

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