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Thread: Forcing Secure Print? Possible? Not possible?

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    Wink Forcing Secure Print? Possible? Not possible?

    Hi All,

    This is my first post on these forums - so please forgive me if anything is not following a local etiquette!

    We have a Fiery box connected to a Kyocera TASKalfa 3252ci.

    With our Xerox (no Fiery) we are able to (via the printer driver) force Secure print.

    With the Kyocera, we are able to secure print, via the Fiery printer driver, but the option to force the secure print doesn't seem to be there.

    The organisation I work out would really like this (to avoid forking out for a full secure print solution). Would anyone know of any update/tweak/configuration that might enable us to force secure print for all users, via the Fiery (or even via the native Kyocera drivers if possible)?



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    Default Forcing Secure Print? Possible? Not possible?


    I am not familiar with Fierys on Kyocera printers, but this works on other mfg printers. The first option will not "force" secure print, but rather defaults it. You can set the fiery default print options in the driver the same way you can with basic office printers. Control panel, printers, properties, printer defaults. This will open the driver and any selections you make here will be the default options used when ever the driver is opened. The end user can make changes, so its not "Forced" but rather defaulted. The second option would be to use hot folders / virtual printers. If you don't have it, it is not free, but quite cheep. Here you can setup a virtual printer that does force secure print.

    Good luck!

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