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Thread: slip sheet frequency on IC415 not working

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    Default slip sheet frequency on IC415 not working

    IC-415 on C1070 with all the latest patches. If I select to insert slip sheet either from PI tray or from the machine trays ever 3rd copy, the machine will pickup a slip sheet at the start of the job but then complete the entire job without any slip sheets. I have tested this function and it works on an IC417 (C2070).
    The machine is up to date on firmware with all options and I have confirmed that this function is not working in any of the other C1070 with an IC415 controller
    patches on this controller are as follows

    I am getting an error when I try to upload a jpeg pic to this post. Shared a link to my google drive.

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    Known issue, never worked, EFI said it will never work.

    Use mixed media instead.

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    If this is a known issue, where is the documentation on it? Also, the mixed media option is not a viable solution for variable jobs nor is it in any way an efficient workflow. This is a flaw in the EFI product: the option is available but it doesn't work.

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    Default alternate to mixed media

    Mixed media is a work around but a pain in the but.

    I often set-up my slips and inserts in impose and then save the file as a .dbp file. It takes allot of the thinking and page counting out of the set-up and allows you to print individual pages when testing your file without having to turn mixed media off.

    Unfortunately if you don't have Compose the set-ups can be tricky, but once you get the hang of the procedure order, it works quite well. (with a few glitches you learn how to avoid)

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