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Thread: Camera access?

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    Default Camera access?


    I recently switched to Android and tried installing Fiery Go. I'm wondering why the app needs permissions to access my local files and camera. Are there any functions to upload files to the Fiery from within the app?
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    Hi oxident,

    Both access to camera and files access are necessary for certain features to work.

    1. Camera - After adding a Fiery to Fiery Go, the next screen will ask if you would like to take a picture of it so it is easier to identify in your app.

    2. Files Access - One feature of Fiery Go is the ability to import jobs directly to the Fiery. You can also import jobs from cloud storage (Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Look for the icon (circled in red) in the screenshot below. Click on that to start importing a job. Through the step by step process, you may also apply server presets to your job. After the job hits the Fiery, you can also process and preview (tablet only) or any of your normal print/process/hold operations.


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