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Thread: os high Sierra driver for ex700

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    Default os high Sierra driver for ex700

    Who can help me, I have recently bought a iMac with high Sierra, clean, no printers installed.
    and I have a xerox 700 with a fiery ex700 rip. witch drivers etc. do I have to download to get it working?

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    Hi Blommers,

    In general, you can download the latest Fiery Drivers from our download center here.

    In the particular case of the EX700 for Xerox 700, it has reached end of support so new drivers after 10.12 Sierra will not be provided. However, there is still a way to install the most current drivers for older products such as the EX700. Please follow instructions below:

    1. Download and install the 10.12 Sierra driver for EX700
    2. Download and install the 10.13 High Sierra Patch

    Once the two components have been installed, make sure to add printer from system preferences if it didn't add it automatically. After successfully adding the printer, the latest print driver should run on 10.13 High Sierra.

    Let me know how that goes!


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    Default sierra on ex700

    It seems to be working!
    I have made a few prints and it looks oke.

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