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Thread: Archive location help needed

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    Default Archive location help needed

    hello together, can anybody tell me where I can find my archived jobs (default server internal) on the fiery in windows??

    thx and kind regards

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    Default How to Archive and find it

    Not certain where your problem is............if you use the default server internal then your jobs show up under the archived tab within the Job Center. If you are wanting to "do something" with them I suggest that you have the job in the Held Queue and then
    right click and scroll to Archive left click and when the Archive window pops up,
    Select Manage (for the first time, (after this it will be in the drop down)
    Select Add...
    Pick a location such as a folder on the desktop or another server and there they are.
    The archived print job will show up as a folder and within the folder are a series of files that the Fiery interprets as the job.
    Please see below.
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