KM IC-315 with all patches except the most recent FS-612 large sheet patch. The file is an RGB PDF; it's a photo. I import it into CWS6 directly, and set a media for which there is a custom calibration set.

One up, it looks fine; imposed, it looks too red. Very different, at any rate. So I took a closer look.

Process and hold the 1-up files, and look at it in ImageViewer, and in a specific area (forehead) the CMY hang around 8/35/45.

Take this same file, remove raster, and impose it gang up repeat, and save as .dbp file. Make no other changes. Process and hold it, and that same forehead area shows CMY values around 45/65/55. Visually, it's WAY too red.

Remove raster, open it in Impose, and save it as a flattened PDF and re-process it. The forehead area shows CMY at the same values as the 1-up file--8/35/45. (These are the desired values.)

On further investigation, I discovered the anomalous behavior: it centers around the output profile setting. By default, when I import the file and then set the media that has its own custom profile/calibration set, I leave the "output profile" item in the job ticket to "use job defined settings". That shows, to the right of it, the custom calibration set that the job defined settings will use. All is well.

When I process the 1-up and the flattened imposed file, they use that custom cal set and give the same color. But when I process the .dbp file, even though that custom cal set is defined, it's not using that. I discovered that it's using the factory coated profile instead.

If I set the "output profile" setting specifically to the custom cal set that I want and re-process the .dbp file, I get the desired results. If I set it specifically to the factory coated profile and re-process the .dbp, I get exactly the bad results. That's how I figured out what it's actually doing when I leave the setting at "use job defined settings". It's choosing to process using the factory coated profile instead.

So I have at least one .dbp file that is not honoring the media-defined output profile. Actually, I have two files. I validated this problem by going to my Macintosh and re-importing the file from scratch there via CWS6 and going through the same steps. The second file gave the exact same results.