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Thread: Fiery with CWS4 cannot connect to Xerox 700

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    Default Fiery with CWS4 cannot connect to Xerox 700

    Hi. I recently got a Fiery EX700 with CWS 4 on it and I am trying to connect to the Xerox 700 (EXP700). I have a new cable on order, not sure what else to try, maybe someone can help here.
    CWS will see the printer EXP700 at IP but it cannot print to it (see attached). I can send a file to CWS, I can process it and hold it but I cannot print. Keeps erroring out. As well, I want to get into the CWS settings, configuration to check IPs, gateway etc., and I cannot get there anymore because apparently I cannot connect. If I go to the Xerox and try to check on the IP through Network Controller, it is greyed out so it seems there is some kind of connection issue. When I got the machine, everything was set behind a private network of 10.x.x.x and I changed stuff to my internal IP, wondering if I changed something I shouldn't have. Cannot get in to check. Do I have to re-install CWS?
    What doesn't make sense is why can I see the printer but not print to it? I have removed, cleaned, replaced Ethernet cables, powered off and on, spent so much time on this already.
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