Hi EFI community,

For a customer, we need to submit PostScript jobs to a Canon imageRUNNER C7500 series behind a GX500 controller with page range functionality.

By page range functionality, I mean we let the user print a subset of the submitted document total pages. For instance, print only pages 2, 3 and 4 from a document which is 10 pages long.

Our application submits jobs through JMF + JDF queries. Weve already implemented working page range support for PDF documents using the JDF Pages attribute of the Runlist element which allows specifying a list of index of the pages specified in the LayoutElement

For instance, The following JDF sample allows printing the first page of a multi-pages PDF job, resulting - as expected - in a single page job displayed in Command Workstation.

HTML Code:
<JDF  >
        <RunList  Pages="0">
            <LayoutElementRef rRef="IDLE" />
        <LayoutElement >
My issue is that Ive observed that the Pages attribute seems to be ignored with PostScript jobs. Specifying the Runlist attribute Pages="0" in the JDF ticket of a PostScript multipage job wont result in a one-page job in Command Workstation. Actually, all job pages are part of the resulting job in that case.

Is that an expected behavior? Do I need to take a whole different approach to support page range with PostScript files?

Thank you for your help.