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Thread: Issues with hole punch and 2 to a page

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    Default Issues with hole punch and 2 to a page

    Hello, we have a new xerox c70 with the fiery v2.0. We seem to have an issue where it will not hole punch if you choose to print 2 to a page. It lets you choose it as if it should work, but when you print out it doesn't actually 3 hole punch. When you turn off the print 2 to a page and only print 1 per page it works fine. Is this an issue with the fiery or something else?

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    When you say Print 2 to a page means "Pages Per sheet" :2? If Yes, then it is an expected behaviour.

    Because Document orientation when printing n-up is the same as the document orientation except
    for 2UP and 6UP printing, where it is the opposite of the document orientation.

    If you are printing Portriat document on LEF paper with 2 pages per sheet, then select Punch edge:Top and punch :3 hole punch to get the hole punch in the output.


    if you want the Punch edge to be Left then print on SEF Paper with Punch edge:Left and Punch: 2 hole punch.

    Please check it out and let me know whether this works or not.

    If you still face any issues, please provide more details like Paper size, document orientation and whether you are prinitng from Driver or from Fiery CWS/HF..etc


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