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Thread: CMW 6 UI Colour scheme

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    Default CMW 6 UI Colour scheme

    This is a rather annoying gripe I have with many modern Software, where some one in the last 10 years decided that every app has to be as white as possible, preferably with low contrast of similar annoying shades of white.

    So my question is, how or when will it be possible to adjust the UI colour scheme to something darker? Not only does white require more energy, but it burns my eyes out for no reason. Look at Adobe, do it like that, software needs to be practical and user-friendly first, the pretty icons and shades are not important. This is for work and professionals, it does not need to be fluffy social media crap. Thank you.




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    It is not possible to adjust the color scheme on CWS6 at this time.
    However we have added your feature request to our backlog.

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