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Thread: Maximum File Size for Processed Jobs

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    Unhappy Maximum File Size for Processed Jobs

    Me again.

    Today kids, do any of you know the maximum file size for processed jobs? Or can anyone suggest why:-

    I have a Fiery which keeps disconnecting, after processing (or trying to) a 2000 page job, 1000 sets
    2 pages, using 2 trays per set.
    The file size (prior to processing) is 14mb, but appears to process each set as 14mb each. This would attempt the creation of a (roughly) 14gb file.....

    It has printed the job successfully, but typically at some point, during processing, the Fiery disconnects. The only way to reconnect, is to reboot the Fiery. I'm thinking it gets exhausted and goes to sleep, or out for coffee, but I may be wrong.

    Answers, on a postcard, to the usual address.

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    Default Preach to the choir

    I have files sent to me like that as well. Sometimes over a Gb of data which tells me ahead of time I'm going to have problems printing.

    In such cases I open the pdf and optimize it in acrobat (200-300ppi to be safe). The end result is about the same, but my file sizes shrink significantly (sometimes 1/20th the original size).

    Usual the job will print no matter the size (well eventually) but depending on the specs on your Fiery CPU, not only will the RIP take forever, but print speeds slow down exponentially as data is constantly needing to be loaded in pieces.

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