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Thread: Edit in Acrobat no longer available

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    Default Edit in Acrobat no longer available

    We recently upgraded to CW6 and the "Edit in Acrobat" button is now greyed out, regardless of how the file is being viewed.

    In other words, I can right click the file and select "preview" or "impose/compose". Under both options I was previously able to click "file>edit in acrobat". Now, the option is still listed but greyed out.

    What gives?

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    Just a stab in the dark, since I did not see this problem myself but maybe it has to do with the version of Acrobat. I was already running Acrobat DC when I updated from v5.8 to v6.0, maybe there is an issue with older versions of Acrobat. I looked around a bit and did not see anything that specified Acrobat versions CWS6 would work with. If you have not done so you might try reinstalling Acrobat from the Impose disk and see if it will reconnect the pieces.

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