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Thread: i1/iO table is not recognized by CPS 4.7

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    Question i1/iO table is not recognized by CPS 4.7

    Hi there,

    I have a customer who wants to use an i1/iO table first generation with CPS version 4.7.
    They have a Xerox Versant 2100 with an ES-2000 which is the dongle for CPS.

    The problem is, that when both devices (ES-2000 and i1/iO) are connected, i1/iO is not recognized by CPS. It always says "please connect your device".

    Is it possible to use i1/iO for profiling when an ES-2000 is also connected as a dongle?

    PS: i1 diagnostics says i1/iO is connected with status OK

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    Default Conflict when two ES-1000/ES-2000 devices are connected at same time

    This is a known limitation - Two ES-1000/ES-2000 devices cannot be connected/used at the same time as the device driver is shared between them - even if one is installed in an i1iO/i1iO2

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    In order to use the i1iO/i1iO2 with the software in licensed mode, you will need to install the licensed device into the i1iO/i1iO2

    The work around is not great. You could install the non-licensed device in the i1iO/i1iO2 to capture the measurements, then disconnect the i1iO/i1iO2, and connect the licensed device then use the measurements to build and install the profile on the Fiery.

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    Thanks Justin_db, this answers my question.

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