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Thread: CWS 6 Fiery EX J75 Low Memory Error

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    Default CWS 6 Fiery EX J75 Low Memory Error

    Updated our Fierys but one used on Xerox J75 (EX J75) runs for about 2 days then you get a LOW MEMORY warning then you need to restart as all operations failed. Is this known issue or fix as might have to go back to CWS5.1

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    Did you ever find a fix for this issue? I see a few posts on the forums, related to "low memory or "out of memory," but the questions have not been answered by anyone at EFI. I have a customer with a similar issue, gets "out of memory" error. Going to investigate today.

    - Brad

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    Hi There

    No - downgraded to CWS 5 and issue gone away. Not sure if bug fix for CWS6 that just came out fixes it not had chance to try CWS6 again

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