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Thread: Problems Printing On Tabs

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    Angry Problems Printing On Tabs

    I have a book with 20 tabs in it. I created this PDF with blank pages to represent the tab placement. In JobMaster, I converted the specified blank pages into tabs.

    When I print the job, the first 15 tabs print fine, but then the book content begins printing on the tab stock, instead of the tab label. I and three other people have checked and double checked the placement of blank pages and tab designations, and found no discrepancies. I've tried adding 'Chapter Start' to the pages following the tabs, with no effect. It's as if the printer just stops recognizing the tab pages as tabs.

    This seems to happen one out of every three books I create, so I highly doubt it's anything as mundane as a corrupt file. What is going on?

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    Instead of Convert to Tab can you try using the Insert Tab feature and run that for a while. Does it make a difference?


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