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Thread: Bustled Fiery LED Error 25

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    Default Bustled Fiery LED Error 25

    Thought I had my Fiery working. It was locked up for since it was moved. Finally unplugged power cord from Xerox 252 and plugged directly into wall and Fiery booted. Put power cord back to copier and all was well for two days. I could print and access the Fiery with the command workstation and all my old files were there. Came in a day later and have lost access again. This time the Fiery LED Flicker & Change and now hand on "25" and I can no longer access the Fiery.

    Anyone have any ideas? Before, I saw lots of lights on the communication board between the Fiery and the DocuColor 252 when it booted to "00". Now that it sticks on "25" I don't see any flickering of lights. Is there something on the Copier that my need to be reset to allow the two to talk again. It's just hard to believe it's a hardware failure 24 hours later. Could it be some kind of licensing or security thing that needs to be reset? I have the disks but have been unable to reinstall on a new dive to test. No matter the configuration with cables plugged or un plugged, I get LED Status "25"

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Unplug and remove it from the back of the 252 and remove the cover. Make sure you have a grounding strap on and remove the video card from the mother board and reinsert it and make sure it's well seated. The service manual says to reset the CMOS, but it will typically work without. If you decide to reset, remove the battery for 2 min, but be very careful the plastic piece holding it in will break.

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